Herb Shellenberger

    • Amos Vogel's Film as a Subversive Art
    • Metrograph, New York
    • Lightbox Film Center, Philadelphia
    • 17th Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival
    • Focus: Anti-Archive
    • Work in Progress: Nelson Makengo's Rising Up at Night (2022)
    • 2021 Sheffield DocFest Arts Programme
    • Here In This Room: perspectives on domestic ambience and surrealism
    • Dialogues: Emily Chao and Al Wong
    • Alex Tyson's The Registry (new commission)
    • Charlotte Jarvis's In Posse (new commission)
    • THOUSANDSUNS CINEMA – Media City Film Festival
    • As Yet Untitled: Five Films by Sid Iandovka & Anya Tsyrlina
    • Johan van der Keuken's The Mask (1989)
    • New Red Order's Culture Capture Collection

    • COMMON VISIONS (with Almudena Escobar López)
    • For Life Against the War
    • Free Jazz with Bodies
    • Future in the Past
    • "Hello, You're On Live"
    • I Do Not Remember
    • What You See is What You Get
  • 14th Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival
  • Artist in Profile: Sophia Al-Maria
  • Bend Me, Shape Me: The Animated Body
  • Edgar Reitz & Ula Stöckl's Tales of the Dumpster Kid (1971)
  • Goin' Nowhere with George Kuchar
  • Imperfect fit: the video mixtape as curatorial methodology
  • The International Punkfilm Videomix
  • Jean Vigo/Ron Rice: The Exuberance of Youth
  • Make, Believe: The Maslow Collection and the Moving Image

    • Uzbek Rhapsody: The Films of Ali Khamraev
    • Ali Khamraev's The Bodyguard (1979)
    • Ali Khamraev's I Remember You (1985)
    • Ali Khamraev's Man Follows Birds (1975)
  • 13th Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival
  • British Film + Video Art
  • Introduction to the LUX Archive