Herb Shellenberger

Selections from Jonas Mekas's The 365 Days Project (2007)
April 20, 2013
International House Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA, USA

Part of The Cinema is Jonas Mekas
Introduction by Jonas Mekas

This program features selections of the short digital films Mekas posted daily throughout 2007. Combining brand-new footage with older material unearthed and made public for the first time, The 365 Days Project was both a bold leap into the digital world for Mekas and a natural extension of the approach to cinema–small-scale, intimate, and direct–that he had been practicing in his diary films for decades. —Anthology Film Archives

“It’s a big struggle and I’m still struggling now. Poets have always struggled. The haiku, for example, is the art-form which absolutely comes closest to reality and is also the formal ecstasy of what poetry can achieve. In cinema, the camera can only film reality, that is, what is in front of it. But how to achieve this formally? It’s a question of essence and how to structure it, so that it can contain reality and at the same time transport it into a completely different plane! It is a challenge I think that poets have—and we will be facing it forever. I have been trying in The 365 Days Project, I continue to try today, and I will keep trying until the day I won’t be able to try anymore.” —Jonas Mekas, from an interview with The Brooklyn Rail

Selections from The 365 Days Project, Jonas Mekas, 2007, US, digital, 137'