Herb Shellenberger

Alternative Film/Video Belgrade: Award Winners 2012
December 20, 2013
International House Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA, US

Programmed by Greg de Cuir, Jr., who introduced the screening via Skype

In 2012, Alternative Film/Video Belgrade (Serbia) celebrated its 30th anniversary as the oldest international festival of avant-garde film and video in Europe. The festival was founded within Academic Film Center in Belgrade, which has a rich tradition of over 50 years of non-commercial moving image production and related activities. Every year Alternative Film/Video Belgrade invites a distinguished and diverse three-member jury with the task of creating a list of significant achievements from among the regional and international competition programs at the festival. This list, the size and shape of which is constructed according to the wishes of the jury, represents the dynamic and pioneering spirit of the festival and those visionary films and videos that compose it. Each of the artists on this list are awarded a residency at Academic Film Center and full production support in order to realize their newest work. This program presents the films and videos on the list of significant achievements from 2012, which will be remembered as a very important year in the history of Alternative Film/Video Belgrade.

The Swimmer, Salise Hughes, 2010, US, digital, 4'
Gradually, Benjamin Ramirez Pérez, 2011, Germany, digital, 6'
Tudor Village: A One Shot Deal, Rhayne Vermette, 2012, Canada, digital, 5'
Square Dance Hypnotist, Allan Brown, 2012, Canada, digital, 17'
Infinity, Milan Zuli, 2012, Serbia, digital, 3'
Pigs, Konstantina Kotzamani, 2012, Greece, digital, 13'
Miss Candace Hilligoss’ Flickering Halo, Fabio Scacchioli & Vicenzo Core, 2011, Italy, digital, 14'
From To, Miranda Herceg, 2012, Croatia, digital, 10'
What You Don’t Put Into the Soup Goes Down the Loo, Kirsten Burger & Laura Vogel, 2011, Switzerland, digital, 24'