Herb Shellenberger

Films by Kenneth Anger + Roman Vishniac + A Sunny Day in Glasgow live performance
January 17, 2013
International House Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA, USA

Live performance by A Sunny Day in Glasgow with science films by Roman Vishniac
16mm films by Kenneth Anger
Special expanded cinema presentation by IHP curators

A Sunny Day in Glasgow
A Sunny Day in Glasgow is a six-piece band based in Philadelphia and Sydney, Australia. Formed in 2006 by Ben Daniels, the lineup has changed over the years but became permanent around the 2009 release of the band’s second album Ashes Grammar. ASDIG spent most of 2010 recording and touring around the world with dates in the US, Canada, UK and Europe including festival appearances at SXSW and the Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona. The band is currently recording their fourth album in Philadelphia with Jeff Zeigler at Uniform Recording (Kurt Vile, War on Drugs, Blues Control). This will be their first performance since 2010.

Roman Vishniac science films
While well-known as a photographer who captured the pre-Holocaust life of Jews in Central and Eastern Europe, Roman Vishniac (1897-1990) also created many science films in the 1960s and 70s. Recording film observations of microscopic organisms, Vishniac became a pioneer in microcinematography and photomicroscopy. The University of South Carolina Moving Image Research Collection (MIRC) now holds the Roman Vishniac Film Collection, which includes 156,000 feet of motion picture film. Among the holdings are home movies and naturalist film experiments in addition to outtakes and working materials from the Living Biology film series. Whether showing close-ups of bacteria, single-celled organisms or even light reflections on the waves of a pond, Roman Vishniac’s films show the eye-opening views of the natural world that normally goes unobserved. This program of film clips and fragments will be projected during the performance by A Sunny Day in Glasgow.

Kenneth Anger
Born in 1927, Kenneth Anger is perhaps the most infamous American underground filmmaker of all time. Starting out as a child actor, Anger has had a diverse career, though he is most famous for the group of experimental films he created from 1947–80 known as The Magick Lantern Cycle. IHP is proud to feature 16mm prints from Canyon Cinema of three of the Magick Lantern titles in a special presentation.

Rabbit’s Moon, Kenneth Anger, 1950, US, 16mm, 15'
Lucifer Rising, Kenneth Anger, 1980, US, 16mm, 29'
Puce Moment, Kenneth Anger, 1949, US, 16mm, 6', with live soundtrack by A Sunny Day in Glasgow