Herb Shellenberger

Quadratura Circuli – film and performance by arc and others
June 23, 2016
All Hallows Church/AM London
London, UK

conical signal, arc, 2015–16, US, 2x16mm, sound, 17'
ataraxia, arc, 2016, US, 16mm, silent, 5'
(sans) (image), arc, 2016, US, 16mm, silent, 6'
every second has been dreamed of many times before, arc, 2014, US, 16mm, sound, 6'
arc of the sun, arc, 2013, 16mm, silent, 3'
x/s//s/x, arc, 2016, 16mm, silent, 3'
moon cycle six, arc, 2016, 16mm, silent, 3'
light of the tulpa, 2015–16, 2x16mm, sound, 6'
Cycles, Jordan Belson & Stephen Beck, 1974, US, 16mm, sound, 10'
axis, arc, 2016, 2x16mm, sound, 7'

An evening of recent single channel and expanded/performative 16mm film works by arc followed by the 1974 film Cycles by Jordan Belson and Stephen Beck.

Quadratura Circuli, named for the alchemical concept of the squaring of the circle (representing the unison of opposing elements to create new forms) is a cycle of films that uses a coded and symbolic language to trace lines between seemingly disparate paths of knowledge held in recurrent forms, manifesting in oscillating relationships between microcosm and macrocosm.

arc refers to a process rather than an author. an indentation within a void which makes something momentarily visible. a form through which something moves but within which it neither originates nor terminates, nor is contained. in this process, material elements are used to investigate immaterial states. framing the space of encounter as a site of unfixed ritual and sensory research — the cinema, gallery, studio, home, stairwell, street, etc.; countless iterations of the the open field or the enclosure. arc is usually initiated by tooth, an artist living in Oakland, California (US) who has operated the microcinema/archive black hole cinematheque since 2009. their work has been presented at San Francisco Cinematheque, The Lab (SF), Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, The Nightingale (Chicago), Massart Film Society (Boston), NDSM Treehouse (Amsterdam), and the Ann Arbor Film Festival, among others.