Herb Shellenberger

Cave Girls + Trashy Fashions
curated by Herb Shellenberger

A screening of short films, performance footage and experiments by women artists, filmmakers and bands made in the context of late 1970s + 1980s post-punk, no wave and related music scenes in the United States. Largely unseen for decades, the videos shown in this program were digitized from obsolete video formats in 2013 as part of the XFR STN project at the New Museum and uploaded to the Internet Archive. Digging for gold, curator Herb Shellenberger has compiled a video mixtape featuring: the hilarious pop promo/commercial hybrids for imaginary products by TWINART; performance artist/fashion designer Colette Justine (of Justine and the Victorian Punks) showing her dreamy, surrealist apartment studio and installation at Danceteria; the speculative history of "CAVE GIRLS” and their bizarre relation to punks like Bush Tetras and Y-Pants; and much more. [Program duration: 67 minutes]

Featuring work by: Dancenoise (Anne Iobst & Lucy Sexton), Carole Fischman, Colette Justine, Tina L'hotsky, Shana Moulton, Kembra Pfahler, Carmelita Tropicana, TwinArt, Sophie Vieille, Penelope Wherli, J. Kathleen White and Cave Girls (Bush Tetras, Cara Brownell, Ellen Cooper, Ilona Granet, Marnie Greenholz, Julie Harrison, Becky Howland, Virge Piersol, Judy Ross, Bebe Smith, Kiki Smith, Teri Slotkin, Sophie VDT and Y Pants)

This screening is available to book for free with no rental fee charged. The original works have free public performance rights and admission may not be charged at audience members. Please get in touch with me to arrange a screening at your punk squat, art space or institution.

08/28/2021 — Kansas City, MO, US @ Oddities Prints
05/30/2020 — Spectacle in Exile (Twitch)
10/18/2019 — Hull, UK @ [Ask A Punk]
06/15/2019 — Riga, Latvia @ Latvian National Museum of Art
05/18/2019 — Oakland, CA, US @ The Dream Oven
01/05/2019 — Melbourne, Australia @ LongPlay
01/03/2019 — Brooklyn, NY, US @ Spectacle Theater
10/30/2018 — London, UK @ DIY Space for London
05/19/2017 — Leipzig, Germany @ Ladyfest Leipzig
05/11/2017 — New Haven, CT, US @ Yale University, Whitney Humanities Hall
05/02/2017 — Lexington, KY, US @ Lexington Film League
02/08/2017 — Taipei, Taiwan @ Taipei Contemporary Arts Center
02/06/2017 — New York, NY, US | The Colloquium for Unpopular Culture @ New York University
01/26/2017 — Philadelphia, PA, US @ PhilaMOCA (two screenings)
01/05/2017 — Berlin, Germany @ Atelier Äuglein
11/10/2016 — Baltimore, US @ U+N Fest 7