Herb Shellenberger

John Carpenter's Dark Star (1974) + Astrovac: Zero Gravity Personal Body Wash Unit (1970)
August 22, 2012
International House Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA, USA

Outdoor screening as part of International House Philadelphia's free summer series "The Outer Limits: 70s Sci-Fi

Dark Star, John Carpenter, 1974, US, digital, 84'
John Carpenter's student film, made with writer Dan O'Bannon (Alien, Lifeforce and Total Recall) follows a shabby crew whose mission is to destroy "unstable planets" which might disturb the future colonization of outer space. Twenty years into their mission, the crew has become listless and lazy, ultimately creating room for a simple mistake that could threaten their survival. Can the astronauts be saved by the most unlikely of weapons: phenomenology?

preceded by:
Astrovac: Zero Gravity Personal Body Wash Unit, prod. Fairchild-Republic, 1970, US, digital, 5'
In this industrial film, the Republic Aviation Division of Fairchild Hiller Corporation demonstrates a proposed system for astronauts to keep themselves clean in zero gravity. Simple to use! But you may need a shower yourself after seeing this apparatus at work...