Herb Shellenberger

European Cinema Uncovered
September 19–December 20, 2013
International House Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA, US

Programs of recently-restored classics from European countries lesser-known worldwide for their cinematic history help us understand what cinema means to a people, a country and a heritage. The Embassy of Lithuania, the Albanian Cinema Project, the Academic Film Center Belgrade and Alternative Film/Video Festival Belgrade each present projects that allow us to discover and uncover a cinematic legacy we might not have otherwise been privy to. As more and more state governments realize and evaluate the importance of the preservation of and access to moving images, we will begin to rediscover many histories that might otherwise have been lost.

The Black Box, Algimantas Maceina, 1994, Lithuania, digital, 38'
Blue Rider, Tomislav Gotovac, 1964, Yugoslavia, digital, 14'
Circle, Tomislav Gotovac, 1964, Yugoslavia, digital, 9'
Distant Purple Hands, Sava Trifković, 1962, Yugoslavia, digital, 10'
The Dreams of the Centenarians, Robertas Verba, 1969, Lithuania, digital, 20'
Earth of the Blind, Audrius Stonys, 1992, Lithuania, digital, 24'
From Me to You, Miodrag Tarana & Mirko Avramović, 1972, Yugoslavia, digital, 3'
Home, Radoslav Vladić, 1977, Yugoslavia, digital, 8'
Journey, Bojana Vujanović, 1972, Yugoslavia, digital, 2'
Nëntori i dytë, Viktor Gjika, 1982, Albania, digital, 93'
The Old Man and the Land, Robertas Verba, 1965, Lithuania, digital, 20'
Organon they asked me…, Zoran Saveski, 1980, Yugoslavia, digital, 9'
Smoke and Water, Dragoslav Lazić, 1962, Yugoslavia, digital, 9'
Straight Line, Tomislav Gotovac, 1964, Yugoslavia, digital, 7'
Television is a Movie Theater I Go to Sitting in the Backyard, Bojan Jovanović, 1974, Yugoslavia, digital, 5'
Ten Minutes Before the Flight of Icarus, Arūnas Matelis, 1990, Lithuania, digital, 10'
Time Passes Through the City, Almantas Grikevičius, 1966, Lithuania, digital, 20'
A Trip Across Misty Meadows, Henrikas Šablevicius, 1973, Lithuania, digital, 10'
Triptych on Matter and Death, Živojin Pavlović, 1960, Yugoslavia, digital, 9'
Vowels, Nikola Djurić, 1973, Yugoslavia, digital, 8'
The Wall, Kokan Rakonjac, 1960, Yugoslavia, digital, 8'