Herb Shellenberger

Fantastic Films by Women
March 8, 2013
International House Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA, USA

Co-programmed with Jesse Pires

We celebrate International Women’s Day with a screening showcasing both new and classic films by women filmmakers. Each of the films shown present their own vision of the fantastic: otherworldly, sci-fi imagery; surrealist, dream-like atmosphere; or the incomprehensible beauty of the natural world. Legendary filmmakers Maya Deren and Germaine Dulac are showcased in their most-loved and discussed films. Beatrice Gibson, Rosa Barba and Laida Lertxundi are each blazing their own trails, taking film and video to new and exciting places. The exciting films shown tonight by these three contemporary filmmakers have been screened at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, Images Festival and the Whitney Biennial.

Meshes of the Afternoon, Maya Deren & Alexander Hammid, 1943, US, 16mm, 14'
Agatha, Beatrice Gibson, 2012, UK, digital, 14'
Cry When it Happens, Laida Lertxundi, 2010, US, 16mm, 14'
Somnium, Rosa Barba, 2011, Germany/Netherlands, digital, 19'
The Seashell and the Clergyman, Germaine Dulac, 1928, France, 16mm, 29'