Herb Shellenberger

Alexander Grasshoff's Future Shock (1972) + PET MILK live performance
July 10, 2012
Philadelphia, PA, USA

Presented as part of Tuesday Tune-Out, a film and live music series curated by Herb Shellenberger & Black Circle Cinema

Future Shock, Alexander Grasshoff, 1972, US, 16mm, 43'
Orson Welles narrates this pseudo-documentary film, inspired by the book of the same name in which writer/futurist Alvin Toffler coins the term “future shock” as a certain psychological state that affects humans as a product of “too much change in too little time.” Welles, in his Cheshire cat beard and cape phase, sounds overwhelmed describing a society of disconnected people with “temporary friends,” these changes ultimately resulting in “the death of permanence.” At times resembling a Mondo film, Future Shock is unintentionally hilarious and filled with gems of 70s psych-pop and synth soundtrack music familiar to those who have seen their share of 70s educational films.

PET MILK is a band from Philadelphia formed in 2010, proponents of punklife and kitchen-sink romance, perennial victims of post-teenage ennui. We love noise and pop, are influenced by Black Tambourine, Nico and New Order, and are currently recording our debut LP with Josh Meakim (of A Sunny Day in Glasgow and Arc in Round). We encourage you to tell someone that you love them and to mean it.