Herb Shellenberger

Ladyfest Philly 16mm Film Screening
May 1, 2013
Vox Populi Gallery
Philadelphia, PA, US

Part of Ladyfest Philadelphia 2013
Co-programmed with Kristina Centore, Jessi Holton, Kate Illes, Alex Miklowski and Nadia Parfan

Ladyfest Philadelphia is excited to announce a film series that will take place during the month of May at Vox Populi Gallery and International House Philadelphia. The four-part series celebrates a history of intersections between feminism, art, and the moving image. Spanning from some of the earliest films made by women up to contemporary videos that explore female and queer identities, the choice of works in the series uses Ladyfest’s origin in the RiotGrrrl movement as a touchstone while also seeking to expand upon and give context to this history.

The first screening consists of short experimental 16mm films made by women before 1980. These classics include the first film by an openly lesbian filmmaker (Barbara Hammer’s Dyketactics), innovative computer animation techniques pioneered by Bell Labs artist-in-residence Lillian Schwartz and the sarcastic Pop Art shorts of Gunvor Nelson. The films will be projected in their original 16mm format.

Dyketactics, Barbara Hammer, 1974, US, 16mm, 4'
Schmeerguntz, Gunvor Nelson & Dorothy Wiley, 1965, US, 16mm, 13'
A Study in Choreography for Camera, Maya Deren, 1945, US, 16mm, 4'
Pixillation, Lillian Schwartz, 1971, US, 16mm, 4'
Take Off, Gunvor Nelson, 1972, US, 16mm, 10'
UFO’s, Lillian Schwartz, 1971, US, 16mm, 3'
From the Ladies, Holly Fisher, 1978, US, 16mm, 20'
Asparagus, Suzan Pitt, 1979, US, 16mm, 20'