Herb Shellenberger

Mark Toscano: Process of Elimination
November 11, 2015
Central Saint Martins (University of the Arts London)
London, UK

mig #5: MARK TOSCANO artist talk + screening

The fifth monthly installment of Moving Image Group will feature our first guest artist presentation: Mark Toscano, Los Angeles based filmmaker and preservationist at the Academy Film Archive. Mark is well-known for his restoration work on the films of Stan Brakhage, Les Blank, Penelope Spheeris and Chick Strand (whose retrospective at Tate Modern he will present at later in the week), but for this event he will be showing his own films and talking about how his archival work influences the work he makes.

Mark Toscano is originally from Connecticut. He eventually settled in California, where he didn't study film. He is a film preservationist for a living. By dealing largely with experimental work in his job, he is both endlessly inspired and periodically demoralized in his own filmmaking. This process began in 2000 when Mark worked for three years as the assistant director of Canyon Cinema. —Canyon Cinema

Prologue: Five of the Most Beautiful Moments in Film History, Mark Toscano, 2010, US, 16mm, 1'
Certain Things, Mark Toscano, 2014, US, 16mm, 4'
February 2008 & June 1967, Mark Toscano, 2010, US, 16mm, 6'
The Electrolysis of Brine, Mark Toscano, 2008, US, 16mm, 8'
WDD / CHL, Mark Toscano, 2009, US, 16mm, 2'
The Wofobs, Mark Toscano, 2008, US, 16mm, 3'
The Stone Breakers, Mark Toscano, 2014, US, digital, 2'
Hand Held Day (1975) by Gary Beydler by some YouTube user by Mark Toscano, Mark Toscano, 2015, US, digital, 6'
It’s OK, Mark Toscano, 2008, US, digital, 3'
I Left My Heart, Mark Toscano, 2010, US, digital, 3'
Steven & Maureen’s Wedding – October 27, 2007, Mark Toscano, 2008, US, 16mm, 1'
Process of Elimination, Mark Toscano, 2012, US, 16mm, 3'
Releasing Human Energies, Mark Toscano, 2012, US, 16mm, 5'

mig (Moving Image Group) is a student-run screening programme and discursive platform at Central Saint Martins. Started in spring 2015 and led by students in the the MRes Art: Moving Image course, the series is intended to develop interdisciplinary discussion and debate around significant works of artist film and moving image. It is open to all UAL students, but especially directed at MRes and MA students. Wine and snax included.