Herb Shellenberger

Optical Alchemy: Experimental Animation on 16mm
September 27, 2013
Vox Populi Gallery
Philadelphia, PA, US

Part of Black Circle Cinema, co-programmed with Jesse Pires

Join Black Circle Cinema for an investigation into abstract animation and animated abstraction. Covering a wide swath of styles and genres, this program is designed to excite, entice and arouse (or otherwise animate) the viewer with seductive shapes, colorful collages and grainy but groovy analog computer-generated graphics. Drop in and tune out to our program of heady cartoons and experiments on lovely 16mm film, as God intended.

Rhythmus 21, Hans Richter, 1923, Germany, 16mm, 3’
Begone Dull Care, Norman McLaren, 1949, Canada, 16mm, 8’
Rhinoceros, Jan Lenica, 1963, Germany, 16mm, 11’
LMNO, Robert Breer, 1978, US, 16mm, 10’
Symphonie diagonale, Viking Eggeling, 1924, Germany, 16mm, 5’
Renaissance, Walerian Borowczyk, 1963, Poland, 16mm, 8’
Permutations, John Whitney, 1966, US, 16mm, 7’
Two Space, Larry Cuba, 1979, US, 16mm, 8’
Ai! (Love), Yoji Kuri, 1963, Japan, 16mm, 5’
Cibernetik 5.3, John Stehura, 1968, US, 16mm, 8’