Herb Shellenberger

Pavilion's Artist Moving Image Network Screening Weekend
July 5–7, 2019
Pavilion + Hyde Park Picture House
Leeds, UK

Special thanks to Kerstin Doble & Will Rose of Pavilion for the invitation and collaboration.

The inaugural Pavilion Artists Moving Image Network Screening Weekend is a cinema-based group exhibition focused on bringing the work of Yorkshire-based artists in dialogue with international artists and filmmakers. It’s my hope that screening the films of these 13 selected artists will contribute towards ongoing efforts to sketch an increasingly rich picture of creative filmmaking and visual arts in the region, both contemporary and historical. At the same time, placing these works in conversation with artists from Belgium, France, Germany, India, Japan, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain and USA will create connections between themes, forms, contexts and aesthetic techniques, as well as hopefully some wild juxtapositions.

This is not meant to be a tidy survey of ‘the best works’, but is admittedly—and unashamedly—a subjective response to films submitted by members of Pavilion’s Artists Moving Image Network, a monthly critical forum for local artists.

Over three days and seven screening programmes, there will be films warm and familiar. Unapologetically provocative, unceasingly strange, unabashedly erotic and unquestionably pleasurable delights await the curious viewer. I hope you will join myself, Pavilion and the featured artists (who will be in conversation) for an exciting weekend.

Alaska, Dore O, 1969, Germany, 16mm, 17'
A Mysterious Devotion, Alf Bower, 1973, UK, digital, 47'
Anal Masturbation and Object Loss, Steve Reinke, 2002, US, digital, 6'
a new use, Monika Uchiyama, 2018, USA/Japan, digital, 24'
A Spy in the House That Ruth Built, Vanalyne Green, 1990, US, digital, 30'
Attention is Rarely Directed to the Space Between the Leaves, Amelia Crouch, 2016, UK, digital, 6'
Au Père Lachaise, Jean-Daniel Pollet & Pierre-Marie Goulet, 1986, France, 35mm, 13'
Black, Anouk De Clercq, 2015, Belgium, 35mm, 5'
Collectionneur, Harlan Whittingham, 2019, UK, digital, 7'
Colloque de chiens, Raul Ruiz, 1977, France, 35mm, 20'
The Eraser, Shuji Terayama, 1977, Japan, 16mm, 20'
Explorer, Pramod Pati, 1961, India, digital, 6'
Fresh Kill, Gordon Matta-Clark, 1972, US, 16mm, 13'
_GALORE, Bernd Lützeler, 2018, India/Germany, digital, 8'
Get Well Soon, Carolyn Lazard, 2015, US, digital, 13'
I Love the Headmistress, Viktoras Starošas, 1978, Lithuania, digital, 29'
Ice Cream, Antoni Padrós, 1970, Spain, digital, 8'
The Love of Statues, Peter Samson, 2019, UK, digital, 20'
Lovely Andrea, Hito Steyerl, 2007, Germany, digital, 30'
Luminous Shadow, Mariana Caló & Francisco Queimadela, 2018, Portugal, digital, 22'
Meet the 4 Year Olds, Joe Goff, 2018, UK, digital, 3'
My Collections, Kohei Ando, 1989, Japan, 16mm, 9'
One Pussy Show, Anja Czioska, 1998, Germany, 16mm, 6'
Overlove 1, Geraldine Snell, 2018, UK, digital, 8'
Sans Soleil, Chris Marker, 1983, France, 35mm, 104'
Self-Digitalisation, James Thompson, 2015, UK, digital, 9'
Single Frame, Steve Nall, ca. 1970s, UK, digital, 3'
Soft Body Goal, Jaakko Pallasvuo, 2017, Finland, digital, 4'
So to Speak, Janey Walklin, 1981, UK, 16mm, 14'
Toute le mémoire du monde, Alain Resnais, 1956, France, digital, 21'
The Turning of the Helmet, Rhian Cooke, 2018, UK, digital, 3'
Value, Patricia Azevedo, Clare Charnley & Geoff Clout, 2019, UK, digital, 7'
Women’s Refuge, Janey Walklin, 1980, UK, digital, 20'