Herb Shellenberger

Tube Time #2
October 2, 2013
International House Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA, USA

IHP presents a night of videos straight from YouTube through our 2K Barco digital cinema projector and onto the big screen. Since 2005, YouTube has been a rapidly-growing user-generated resource that many use for diverse functions, research, personal expression and piracy among them. Tube Time! has been a feature in past editions of the Migrating Forms Festival (formerly the New York Underground Film Festival) and it just feels right to steal the idea and bring it to International House Philadelphia for the first second time. We’ve simply asked participants to introduce a 20-minute playlist comprised of videos of their choosing. We expect the results to delight, shock, excite and horrify!

CULTURE CLASH: A smattering of pop cultural oddities in which avant-garde or alternative cultural figureheads landed cameos or guest appearances within mainstream media. Each clip remains a unique study in audience, as these appearances attempted to provide an explanatory or validating platform for the broader public. But through the second life these appropriated clips enjoy on Youtube, we can examine the perpetuation of cultural “otherness.” —Kelsey Halliday Johnson, Vox Populi

COMING OF RAGE: Growing up in the digital age has its own milestones. The road ahead is paved with a fluid bit rate that adapts to the new landscape in real time. Time no longer has meaning. The old ways are coming to an end as we are coming into our own in our pants. The new gender is pixelation and we're in it together. Get ready to experience to the future nostalgia. Everything is happening now. —Ted Passon, filmmaker

RHYTHM IS A DANCER: Rhythm represents one of the most primal connections to the world around us. The cadence of speech, the patterns of paintings, the beating of hearts, the nodding of hips, or the driving tempo of drums: they all affect us in deep and diverse ways. From the silly to the sublime, the ways in which we respond to rhythm vary as much as the music does. This Tube Time! compilation focuses on the act of dance in its many forms. —Chip Schwartz, PhilaMOCA/Knight Arts Philadelphia

ELECTRIC BANANAS / PLAYING ONE ON YOUTUBE: This collection pictures rock stars living out a double fantasy as movie stars, playing either themselves or fictional versions of themselves. Now seen and heard in a primarily visual medium, musicians are cast as heroes, rebels, snake charmers and clowns as their music becomes part of the fabric of both wild and mundane popular narratives. —Matt Suib, video artist

THE WORLD IS A TERRIBLE PLACE: Media is often used to frighten, confuse or deceive people, even more so in the age of the internet. Let’s bask in the terrifying glow of moving images that make us not ever want to leave the comforts of home. —Jesse Pires, IHP

Total running time: approx. 100'