Herb Shellenberger

Unconventional Narratives
October 23, 2013
Molodist Film Festival
Kyiv, Ukraine

October 27, 2013
Donetsk, Ukraine

Part of Graphic Hallucinations

“Unconventional Narratives” has a number of films that work loosely within the cartoon tradition but that are surreal, psychedelic or just plain weird.

Sally Cruikshank’s classic underground animation Quasi at the Quackadero (1975) follows two ducks and their pet robot to a futuristic amusement park. The 10 minute film is made up of approximately 100 watercolor backgrounds and 5,000 animation cels. In La Linea (1973), the animator bedevils Mr. Line by surprising him with obstacles and incongruities, at times intervening onscreen with his hand and pen. Impetigo (1983) shows a warped reality and troubled romance between Zeke, an anthropomorphic birdlike creature and Fish, a fish. Suzan Pitt’s Asparagus (1978), a film that was shown with David Lynch’s Eraserhead on the midnight movie circuit, is a wordless trip through a strange, fantastic underworld of mysterious sexuality that moves from handdrawn animation to clay animation and back again, all underneath a swirling synthesizer score.

Ai!, Yoji Kuri, 1963, Japan, 16mm, 5'
The Cameraman’s Revenge, Wladislaw Starewicz, 1912, Russia, 16mm, 12’
Neighbours, Norman McLaren, 1952, Canada, 16mm, 8’
Les Escargots, Rene Laloux, 1965, France, 16mm, 11’
La Linea, Osvaldo Cavandoli, 1973, Italy, 16mm, 11’
Rhinoceros, Jan Lenica, 1964, Germany, 16mm, 11’
Impetigo, James Duesing, 1983, US, 16mm, 5'
Quasi at the Quackadero, Sally Cruikshank, 1975, US, 16mm, 10'
Asparagus, Suzan Pitt, 1978, US, 16mm, 18'